Student Leadership

Lions Entertainment Board

The Student Activities Board of Florida Memorial University is now the Lions Entertainment Board. Overseen by the Director of Leadership, Intercultural Initiatives and Student Engagement and the Coordinator of Intramurals Sports. This student run organization represents the entire student community by providing quality campus wide entertainment and resources.

The Lions Entertainment Board is the entertainment headquarters for Lion Country, focusing of programming based around institutional traditions, social gatherings, concerts, comedy shows, programming partnerships, athletic collaboration, intramural sports, homecoming, spring fling and much more. Our mission is to allow our Lions to create the PRIDE they love all while developing student leaders throughout the student community in efforts of being mission driven.

  • President of Lions Entertainment Board
  • Vice President of Lions Entertainment Board
  • Director Main-Stage
  • Director Social Party Planning
  • Director of Special Projects
  • Director of Programming Partnerships/Collaboration
  • Director Intramurals/Athletic Collaborations

Leadership Development